Math Clubs

The Workbooks can be used in a variety of contexts: individual study, classroom extensions, math soirees and salons. Chapters can be read in any order.

This page is mostly about running an extracurricular math club for kids 8 to 11 years of age.

How to Run a Typical Extracurricular Math Club

Meet once a week with other kids to do math. Each participant has a workbook. Stuff is all in one place and safe from raccoons.

Work on one chapter at a time.

It’s fun to start with a warm-up and preamble to the subject being studied. An easy way to do this is have a coach take the whole group through some of the material in the Notes and Vocabulary section of the chapter.

After 10-15 minutes of all-group warmup, divide into working groups of 4-5 kids and work through chapter problems together. It’s ideal if one coach per group is available to help with focus, interpretation, and insights.

Afterwards, have some snacks and run around!

More Coach tips.

Contests and Competitions

Competitive events can be a lot of fun. The events that we competed in, Math Olympiad and the AMC 8, have a season. What we did was this:

For about eight weeks before the season, we met once a week to train. This meant meeting once a week from about mid-September to mid-November.

Once the season started in mid-November, we met twice monthly to do math contests and review the contests. We found this allowed us to have fun with the contests and avoid over-scheduling.

In our math club, participation in competitive events is optional.