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Professor Bear Manifesto

I’m Professor L. F. Bear and I’m writing a series of workbooks that you can use for Math Club activities, enrichment, extension, or recreation.

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The mathematics covered in the workbooks is elementary school level, but anyone can use them. I’ve found this material appropriate for fourth and fifth grade students, children around 9 or 10 years of age, who are comfortable with school mathematics.

These books arose from my work as a volunteer math coach for an elementary school math club.

The emphasis of my work is not the elementary school math curriculum; not “bringing kids up to international standards;” not “something relevant to the 21st century.”

The emphasis is: engaging in mathematics as a life-affirming creative pursuit.

This is a short way of saying that mathematics is fun; it connects you to other people who are interested in having fun; it gives you opportunities to use the math parts of your brain—and everyone has them.

When you do fun math, when you connect with other people doing fun math, and when you use your math abilities to your full potential, mathematics makes you feel glad to be you.

It is my great pleasure to write these books with no other ideal in mind.